Birth Trauma Healing

After years of working with clients, even before I started working with pregnant women, I noticed how much distress my clients were carrying from their own births.

Many mothers I have talked to are still carrying trauma from their first birth and don’t want to carry it into their future births.

With powerful Energy Psychology techniques like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we can quickly clear the emotional distress from any birth or pre-natal trauma, so you can feel free to move forward in your life.

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Benefits of healing Birth Trauma:

Babies — Clear distress early to avoid creating future dis-ease.

Parents — Remove emotional blocks to allow an easier birth, avoid passing on energetic patterns to baby.

Birth Attendants — Hold a clear space for the Mom and Baby, be more present and available at births.

Culture — Shift the paradigm from a fear-based culture to a love-based birth culture.


What is Birth Trauma?


As the diagnoses of Post-partum Depression (PPD) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) increase in the States, it appears that many birthing women may have experienced trauma during or after birth.

I define Birth Trauma as any distressing experience that happens once labor begins, until 3 months post partum.  This can include breast-feeding difficulties and extreme sleep deprivation.  Pre-natal trauma  can also be an issue for both mother and baby.


Types of Birth Trauma

Over time, I have identified 4 types of birth trauma:

Baby trauma — any unwanted intervention such as: induction, epidural, forceps/vacuum delivery, separation from mother, rough handling, bright lights, eye drops, blood drawing, C-section/anaesthesia, Dad not present, circumcision…

Mother trauma — difficult/painful pregnancy/labor, partner not present, being discounted/ignored by caregiver(s), baby taken away, hospital transfer, unwanted interventions, c-section, epidural/drug side-effects, episiotomy, difficulty breastfeeding, lack of support throughout pregnancy/birth/postpartum…

Father/Partner/Witness/Attendant trauma — Feeling helpless/powerless, ignored, witness/accomplice to violence, own birth trauma triggered…

Cultural trauma — Sharing horror stories with pregnant women, TV portrayals of scary births, Uncaring caregivers (birth trauma victims become unwitting perpetrators), energy field of hospitals…




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