Pregnancy can be confusing and stressful.

Midwives and health care providers can often be too busy attending to physical symptoms and the baby to focus on your emotional well-being.

Family & friends aren’t always available to meet your needs.

There are so many options to choose from–what’s best for you?

I will support you in creating clarity and peace around your pregnancy and birth, so that you can enjoy this special time.

The decision to bring a child into the world opens the door to all of our dreams, fears and beliefs about birth. If we are in alignment with our dreams and beliefs and can release our fears in a healthy way, we can make pregnancy and birth a joyful and powerful experience. Birth can then be a sacred rite of passage into parenthood for first-time parents and an opportunity for healing and transformation for all parents.

Many of us carry unhelpful beliefs about birth and our bodies that can get in the way of having the kind of birth experience we want. We may not even be aware of these beliefs until we get pregnant! We may also have fears about birth that create constriction in the body.

If we can release our fears about birth before we go into labor, we can start working with our body’s physiology, and make our birth experience more enjoyable.

Our sessions will allow you to:

  • Clear fears and beliefs that are not helpful to you.

  • Create a nurturing environment to allow you to deepen into connection with your baby.

  • Reduce unnecessary stress.

  • Find information & resources to meet your needs.

  • Learn about optimal Pregnancy nutrition.

  • Feel confident in your role as parent.

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